Codonopsis pilosula Radix Codonopsis Dangshen

Codonopsis pilosula Radix Codonopsis Dangshen
500g Top Grade Dried Codonopsis Pilosula Chinese Medicine Herbs Natural Changium Herbal Tea Health Care Dangshen Introduction Dangshen sweet, flat. The role of Buzhong Yiqi, thirst, nourishing and business, commonly used in Qi deficiency of spleen and lung, voice is lowly, lazy words shortness of breath, limb weakness, poor appetite, Qi deficiency, Qi Jin deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency and blood deficiency chlorosis, disease. But the table full of evil and unsolved card can not be used. The efficacy of ginseng is similar, but it is weak. The general rule of deficiency, can replace ginseng; collapse heavy card, still use ginseng as appropriate Benifits Jianpi Yifei, nourishing fluid. For lung and spleen qi deficiency, eat less burnout, cough asthenia, deficiency of Qi and blood, pale complexion, palpitation and shortness of breath, Tianjin injury thirsty, heat diabetes. Usage dosage 9 ~ 30g each time with Wolfberry and jujube will be better Cut into pieces about 2-3cm as follow
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