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Anti Record audio Jammer Voice Recorder Killer

he device is designed to protect conversations areas from eavesdropping. Device blocks wireless microphones, tape recorders, hard-wired microphones and most of professional digital tape recorders including tape recorders installed in mobile phones (smartphones). noise signal as well as acoustic speech-like noise signal are used in jamming the eavesdropping devices.

The device should be placed so that the transducers be directed towards possible location of eavesdropping devices (tape recorders, microphone, "bugs" etc.), for example, toward the new visitors or clients. The optimal distance from the transducers to microphone of the eavesdropping device is up to 2 meters. Then switch ON the device and adjust the volume of the acoustic speech-like signal so that you can still hear the person you are talking to. You should hold conversation in a low voice but so that you hear well each other without repeating every word. Use TURBO mode for more effective jamming of the microphones.


2 Meter effect far away from the Jammer

5 Meter effect far away from the Jammer

Distance :6.8M

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